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Mother's Sin


In "Mother's Sin," I explore the complex dynamics of motherhood, capturing the tension between the innate connection and the struggle for autonomy. Standing at a height of 6'8", the sculpture commands attention with its striking juxtaposition of materials and forms. A polished steel amorphous crescent, embodying the maternal figure, semi-encircles a smaller, polished bronze form, symbolizing the vulnerable child. The two elements are connected by a forged steel tendril, representing the inescapable link between mother and child.
The sculpture is elevated on a 4ft sculpted wood pedestal, seamlessly blending organic elements into the overall composition. This choice reinforces the organic theme and provides a solid foundation for the intricate narrative embedded in the artwork.
"Mother's Sin" delves into the uncomfortable reality of a motherhood experience marked by unintended conception and ambivalence. The larger, dominating steel form represents the mother—large, soft, encroaching, devouring, and at times, hostile towards the smaller bronze piece. The smaller form, delicately poised, strives for escape, yearning for a loving embrace that the maternal figure is unable to provide.
The forged steel armature serves as a visual metaphor for the inescapable connection between mother and fetus, underscoring the complexities and challenges of this relationship. The tension between the two forms reflects the conflicting emotions experienced in such a circumstance, where the desire for love and acceptance clashes with the harsh reality of an unprepared mother.
"Mother's Sin" invites viewers to contemplate the nuances of motherhood, challenging preconceived notions and sparking a dialogue on the intricate web of emotions tied to this fundamental aspect of human existence. Through this sculpture, I aim to evoke empathy, introspection, and a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of maternal bonds.

Mother's Sin en repos


Original conceptual sketch

New Drawing 2_edited.jpg

Concept traced into a cad/cam program


Cutting the steel blanks on our CNC plasma


Tig welding the edges


Fitting adapter for high pressure pump


These two shapes were cut to the same size and shape, welded alike, and formed alike, the only difference is ~10psi pressure


After many attempts, we are beginning to see results


Failure = Education

Amorphous Sculpture: Features
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