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A Study on Hydroforming

2022 - Present, work in progress| Steel

We spent a few days in the shop experimenting with hydroforming. where two or more pieces of flat metal are welded together at the edges, then inflated like a balloon. This process requires extremely high pressure and there is a high risk of catastrophic failure.

This process typically used in the manufacturing of motorcycle exhaust, some bicycles, and aerospace industry. In the shop, we've adapted this technique to metal sculpture, with many failures and many adjustments, we've been able to document behaviors of cold rolled steel when hydroforming, this will be usefull in the future.

Gavin holding the larger piece with the other fixed in the anvil


Original conceptual sketch

New Drawing 2_edited.jpg

Concept traced into a cad/cam program


Cutting the steel blanks on our CNC plasma


Tig welding the edges


Fitting adapter for high pressure pump


These two shapes were cut to the same size and shape, welded alike, and formed alike, the only difference is ~10psi pressure


After many attempts, we are beginning to see results


Failure = Education

Amorphous Sculpture: Features
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